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Social Change Through Social Enterprise: Seoul Declaration

00752 sewf Social enterprises are leaders in creating new social value. They recognize the creative entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunities to achieve their goals using successful business models. The range of products and services available from social enterprises is rapidly expanding and evolving. Social enterprises are playing increasing roles in fighting poverty, providing health care, education services, promoting culture, protecting the natural environment, and a host of other factors that contribute to a higher quality of life.


16 October: World Food Day 2014

00696 festival coverOver the past ten years, the hunger in the world fell by about 100 million people. This is a fact and it is perhaps the demonstration of what can be done if governments, civil society, institutions and the private sector work together to meet this important goal. Nevertheless, there are still the 805 million people are unnourished, this happens particularly in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, where one in four people live daily food shortages. Today is the World Food Day 2014.


Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel peace prize 2014

00764 nobel peace 2014Education wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Congratulation to the young Pakistani activist Malala Yousfzai, 17 years old, the youngest ever winner of the prize, and to the Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi, 60 years old, for their great work against the repression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.


ACRA at the 2014 World Water Week

00744 coverThe World Water Week opened the 31st of August with the acknowledgement by the World Bank that access to water is a common good and sanitation is a universal and inalienable right. This one week global event on water takes place in Stockholm and is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute.


Design Thinking Challenge for Zanzibar: a fab-lab, why not?

00728 cover

How to turn plastic bottles into sustainable business opportunities for Zanzibar, respecting the environment and using a creative recycling approach? From 24th to 26th of June, a team of designers, illustrators, architects worked on this challenge! They will thought, discussed and created new ideas at the Milan Impact Hub that, together with ACRA Foundation, promoted the “Design Thinking Challenge for Zanzibar”.


Nicola Morganti is the new president of ACRA Foundation

00729 cover

The organization working on development cooperation in Italy and all over the world, changed its board of directors. Elena Casolari will continue as CEO. Here below the goodbye of the outgoing president Locatelli.


ACRA supports For a Glass of Water

00717 logo glasswater

ACRA supports the Campaign For a Glass of Water, promoted by Euskal Fondoa, partner of our foundation for the water project "Water and governance" in Honduras for a general improvement of integrated management of water resources at a local level.

The aim of the campaign is to spread among communities a reflection on the importance of the access to natural resources, especially access to water and to bring to light the difficulties that show up because of the lack of this resource, in particular on women’s life.

The human right to water is a global challenge we all have to take action because it is also our duty! We need a glass of water for Pastora, a twelve years old girl that live in El Salvador!


Wimdu and ACRA: Pro Poor Tourism in Zanzibar

00712 cover

Zanzibar: a gorgeous paradise on earth whose economy is highly dependent on international tourism, with hundreds of thousands of people visiting the country every year. A big business that leaves the local communities with very little benefits: only one out of ten dollars spent in Zanzibar goes to improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged local populations.


One year of Opes: social enterprise on display in Milan and Tourin

00699 cover

Two special events in Milan and Turin to talk about the first year of activities of Fondazione Opes, the first Italian impact investing vehicle designed to support social enterprises that meet the needs of the population at the Base of the Pyramid./p>


Africa Water Week: "eau potable, santé durable"

00698 cover

Less than a week is missing to the Africa Water Week and already more than 1000 participants of governmental and non-governmental organization arrived to the Senegalese capital to get prepared to five days of intense debates on water, hygene and sanitation.


ACRA joins "Social Entrepreneurs: Have Your Say"

00593 cover

Milan, Jan. 13, 2014 - The European Commission in partnership with the Economic and Social Committee of the European Union and the city of Strasbourg, on January 16 and 17 2014, will launch in Strasbourg an european level event on social enterprise and social economy titled "Social Entrepreneurs : Have Your Say - Empowering social entrepreneurs for innovation, inclusive growth and jobs".


SEWF 2015 will be hosted in Milan by ACRA

00593 cover

Calgary, October 4 2013 - It will be held in Milan the 2015 Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) with ACRA as the host organization.

“The challenge of hosting the SEWF2015 in Italy is thrilling me because we will bring the world to Milan, - Elena Casolari, ACRA Ceo, declared - we will build a momentum in our country and we will bridge our local experiences to the best international ones. We will set a magnificent umbrella for deep dialogue and conversations on our rapidly changing world, and expectations”.


ACRA at 2013 Social Enterprise World Forum

00570 cover

Milan, October 2, 2013 - Elena Casolari, ACRA Ceo, and Francesca Agnello, ACRA responsible for the economic area and the social business, will speak at the 2013 Social Enterprise World Forum which will involve, from 2 to 4 October 2013, experts and representatives of non-profit and social innovation in Calgary, Canada.


Campaign for Education in Chad, "L'education c'est la vie"

00583 cover manifesto

Njamena (Chad) - It was held on Wednesday, September 18 the launch of the third workshop of the National Campaign on Right to Education in Chad sponsored by ACRA in collaboration with several national partners and international institutions.


Advancing Energy Access in South Asia workshop

00526 coverSeptember, Patna, India - Elena Casolari, Chief Executive Officer ACRA, led her experience at the session IV of the "Advancing Energy Access in South Asia workshop" supported by partners of the UN Foundation and Sustainable Energy for All.